Have you installed CyanogenMod on your Android device? If yes, you’re likely vulnerable to a newly discovered zero-day threat (an attack that takes advantage of a previously unknown vulnerability). If you have no idea what CyanogenMod is—don’t worry, chances are your device is secure. At the Ruxcon Security Conference in Australia last week, a security researcher presented […]

McAfee recently worked with the Atlantic Council to launch a report in Washington, D.C. on how cybersecurity can help enable e-voting. The launch event, which featured a diverse panel of speakers, was illuminating and is continuing to ignite interest from the media. We’re delighted, of course, but not just because of the possibilities for e-voting. Even […]

Mike here – Exciting news today at the Apple event! I can’t wait to upgrade to the iPad Air 2 and take slow-mo videos at the next Phish concert. I’m also loving the front-facing ‘selfie’ camera, retina HD displays, and the extra screen space on my new iPhone 6. However, what I’m most excited about is that Apple Pay, powered […]

Viva Las Vegas! It is once again time for our annual security conference, McAfee FOCUS. In less than two weeks the biggest and brightest minds in security will unite in Las Vegas to discuss everything from web and email protection to the latest in network security. Between the increasing market for connected devices and the […]

It’s fall here in the U.S. and that means the start of American pro football season. Every year it’s amazing to watch cream-of-the-crop rookies make immediate impacts among wily veterans while other newbies can’t even make the practice squad. Sometimes in business and sport, talent lets everything else fall into place. If I’m lucky I’m […]