If you are like me, the holidays usher in an assortment of feelings—some warm and fuzzy and some not so much. Every year I vow to chill out on the gifts and focus more on family, friends, and quiet reflection. But before I can get through the first verse of “Silent Night” in my head, […]

In the middle of 2012 McAfee Labs observed the complex malware XDocCrypt infecting documents, Excel workbooks, and executable files. Recently we have seen a similar infection method that attacks PDF, MSI (Windows installer), and executables, though the current malware is not as complex as XDocCrypt. W32/PDFCrypt is not complex. The coding standards, propagation methods, stealth […]

As parents, we want to provide our children with the best of everything. We know, as they grow, they will develop specific skills and hone talents for what soon may be their calling in life. As a mother and a technology professional, I have a passion for the tech industry which may or may not […]

This is the third of four-part blog series on the IT security inflection point. In my first two blogs in this series I wrote about the imperative for us all to change how we deliver value to our mutual customers. We need to move from selling products to focusing on business outcomes. We need to […]

Imagine that you want to pull up a certain file on your computer. You click on the file and suddenly a notice flashes on your screen saying your computer has been compromised and in order to get your files back, you need to pay up some money. This, ladies and gentlemen, is ransomware, a nasty […]