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Spring is in the air; it is the traditional time to clean house, tidy away things you don’t use, and for us geeks, time to dispose of all the old, tech gadgets that we’ve accumulated over the last year. My house is no exception to this, though my wife and I have very different opinions. […]

  I came across an excellent book titled, Assessing Network Security. It’s written by three Microsoft security researchers who understand Domain Controllers (DCs) inside out. I found it quite insightful and I strongly recommend it if you are in charge of IT Security. They describe DC security with a single sentence – “Defending the keys to […]

Hey guys! I’m Bradi, and this is the Scan – your source for the very latest in security news. Can Your Thermostat Be Trusted? As manufacturers rush to connect everything to the Internet, security experts are wondering how to keep it all updated with the latest security. If left unprotected, consumer goods could be used to […]

Hey guys! I’m Bradi, and this is The Scan – bringing you the very latest in security news. Password1234 Even though he’s now the former Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta is still trying to warn the U.S. about the risk of cyberattacks. He recently said that a cyberattack against the nation’s infrastructure is quote “the most serious […]

Most of us were stunned to hear about the economically devastating malware attacks on several U.S. retail chains this past December. More than 70 million customers are potentially impacted by the breach at Target stores alone. But what’s most surprising is how easy it was for cybercriminals to use off-the-shelf malware to exploit point-of-sale (POS) […]

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