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Every year the Intel Security Channel Team has the honor of recognizing our top partners during Partner Summit at our annual Partner of the Year Awards for the Americas. I am pleased to recognize these partners who invest in McAfee solutions, deliver outstanding results and are aligned to our security connected vision and strategy. The […]

Hey guys! I’m Bradi, and this is a special edition of the Scan. In honor of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we’re giving you ten ways to protect your home network, courtesy of Dan Tynan of Yahoo tech. One: Fortify your Wi-Fi. Change the default login name and passwords for your WiFi router and turn on […]

The security landscape is ever-changing, and we understand that for SMBs it can be difficult to know which solutions will provide appropriate protection for the best price. For this reason, we’re dedicated to empowering our channel partners, giving them the tools and knowledge they need to successfully assist SMB customers in navigating the security minefield. […]

Small businesses often lack IT resources, yet are plagued by the same security issues that large corporations face in today’s increasingly complex threat landscape. Threats do not discriminate against company size, and neither should security; all companies deserve access to industry-leading protection. As a part of our mission to make security available to all, we’re […]

Hey guys! I’m Bradi, and this is The Scan. You can lead a horse to security news, but you can’t make it drink. Chase Runs Out of Luck Numbers don’t lie, but sometimes bankers do. JP Morgan Chase—the largest bank in the country—got hacked this past summer, and executives have been saying all along that […]

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