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Hey guys! I’m Bradi, and this is The Scan – bringing you the very latest in security news! Sharing is Caring The Senate Intelligence Committee just approved the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, which would make it easier for the government and private sector to share security threat information with each other. Of course, privacy groups […]

Hey guys! I’m Bradi and this is the Scan. It’s ten o’clock – do you know where your teens are online? The results from McAfee’s “Secret Life of Teens” survey are in and – surprise, surprise – parents aren’t really all that hip to what their teens are up to online. 80% of parents trust […]

Hey guys. I’m Bradi, and this is the Scan – keeping you up-to-date on the latest in security news. Here We Go Again… So, good news/bad news: There’s a new threat to OpenSSL, that thing that encrypts your information while you’re online, BUT it’s not as bad as the Heartbleed bug from a few months […]

Hey guys, I’m Bradi and you’re watching The Scan. Today, we’re giving you 10 simple things you can be doing to keep your business more secure. Ready? I want to see all of you taking notes… 1. Train your employees to use strong passwords and avoid suspicious links and attachments. Your cybersecurity is only as strong […]

Today is a great day for current and future McAfee partners. The best channel program in the industry just got better: The McAfee SMB Referral Program is now live for our reseller and distributor communities. The threat landscape is becoming more sophisticated and is escalating, and we’re seeing customers endure a crisis in confidence. The […]

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