Author: Cybermum Australia

Cybermum Australia Alex Merton-McCann McAfee’s Cybermum in Australia, Alex, is a mother of four boys aged 9 to 16, who juggles family, work, home life, sporting commitments, hobbies and her children’s ever growing social lives (on and offline). Like many Australian parents, Alex has concerns about the safety of her children, who are growing up in an increasingly online world. Alex’s blogs will be about internet safety issues and sharing her own experiences, insights and lessons to help keep kids and families safe online. To learn more about Alex and McAfee’s Family Internet Safety Centre, go to, follow Alex on Twitter @Cybermum_AU or email Alex at

Have you ever wondered why it is that your kids can’t join social media sites like Facebook until they are 13 years of age? Perhaps you thought that it is the social media sites ‘looking out’ for the interests of our children. I know I did a few years back.   Now while I would […]

Today marks the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence – a timely opportunity to remind your offspring that bullying and violence are NOT OK, ever. With a catchy tagline of ‘Bullying. No Way!’, this successful annual event provides schools with fantastic resources, lesson plans and events designed to help children clearly understand that […]

When I applied for my first job at McDonald’s – back in the 80’s – I spent hours putting together a fancy CV. I included details of my school, my hobbies, my family, my community service activities as well as a photo. I also had to source some referees who had to ‘fax over’ their […]

If you have tweens or teens living in your household then I am quite sure you would have heard about Kik. Kik is clearly the ‘app of the moment’. In fact, if I was a betting woman, I would predict that Kik’s moment may last for a good while. In such a short period of […]

Sexting – What Parents Need To Know NOW Without doubt, sexting is one of the greatest concerns for parents in our digital age. The legal ramifications are of great concern but just as devastating is the knowledge that once the images have been sent – there is no way of getting them back. These ‘private’ […]