Author: Anindita Mishra

Anindita Mishra Cybermum, McAfee India Like any other parent, Anindita wants to make sure that her children are safe wherever they go, in the real or virtual world. That's why McAfee's initiatives to help protect and educate children and families about cyberspace struck an instant chord with her. The Pune-based freelance writer, teacher and mother of two has always been a vocal advocate for issues tied to children's welfare and development. Now, as McAfee India's Cybermum, she will now use the company platform to blog about the dangers children face online as well as her ideas for steering clear of them. As part of the campaign to educate parents, teachers and children on this topic, Anindita will also conduct information sessions in schools and further share her insights on Facebook and Twitter. To learn more about Internet safety for your family, go to You may also contact her via: Email id: --- Twitter handle: @McAfee_cybermum --- Facebook page: McAfee Cybermum India

Till the age of 10, a child lives in an idyllic world of his own creation, where only his games and parents are often enough to keep him blissfully happy. But come the tweens and teens, there is a sea-change in his attitude to life. Suddenly the child is besieged with hitherto unknown emotions, ideas […]

On the occasion of  ’International Women’s Day‘ I have a cyber safety message for all you women. Take a moment, girls, to think about your cyber life. I know you all are net savvy, smart and independent women, but even the best of us can develop “blind spots” when we fail to take note of […]

“Little Sheena, Little Sheena, Where have you been?                                                        I was on Facebook, just signing in! Little Sheena, Little Sheena, What do you plan to do there? I’ll upload […]

Yes, yes I know: Valentine’s Day comes only once a year and the teens are eagerly looking forward to it. Given the rising popularity of celebrating this day over the years, the bar for this International Day of Love has been raised rather high. Youngsters are looking forward to a day of cards, chocolates, gifts […]

This Valentine’s Day, Don’t Just Think About “Lip lock” But Give “Data Lock” A Thought Too Love is in the air, for Valentine’s Day is near… And why just Valentine’s Day? There are a series of “Days” devoted to lovers, viz. Rose day, Propose Day and Chocolate Day!! So how have Indians responded to this […]