Author: David Small

David Small David Small, Vice President, Channel and Commercial Business, EMEA David Small is the VP of channel and commercial business for EMEA at McAfee. In his role, he is responsible for McAfee’s EMEA channel strategy and operations. His remit includes enabling partners to drive growth and profitability through helping mutual customers to navigate the increasingly complex security landscape. Prior to McAfee, David Small served as vice president of channel sales for Juniper Networks managing channel sales across EMEA. David joined Juniper Networks through the acquisition of Netscreen in February 2004 where he was responsible for channel sales at Neoteris — the SSL startup company acquired by Netscreen. David began working at Juniper Networks driving channel development, including the implementation of a global channel strategy. He was appointed vice president for the channels in April 2006. Earlier on in his career, David worked for Trinagy (a network reporting startup company acquired by HP) and for XCel Communications (a network performance software vendor acquired by Nortel). Prior to this experience, he worked for Olivetti in a number of roles, including pre-sales, sales, and major account management.

With just one week to go until Windows XP is scheduled for official End of Life (EOL) on April 8, it’s clear that many businesses will be at risk of data loss if action is not taken now. Almost a third of the world’s machines are still running Windows XP, and many of these businesses […]

2014 is already on course to be a significant year for Managed Security Services. This market is set to grow by 35% (whilst on-premise deployments will decrease by 30%) and it’s important that our partners are ready to seize this opportunity. This is why we’re really excited to be launching McAfee appliances in a compelling, […]

Just over two weeks ago we announced the formation of Intel Security, combining the security of McAfee with Intel’s proven track-record of using performance and innovation to transform markets. This represents an exciting time for the company, but also an incredible opportunity for our partners. Intel is one of the top brands in the world […]

BYOD, BYOA, BYOx. The IT industry is full of acronyms depicting its constant evolution and relationship with the professional world. First came the devices; employees saw the power of personal devices and insisted on using them in the workplace. And so the consumerisation of IT was born. After the devices came the apps. Companies reported […]

On a weekly, daily and even second-by-second basis, cybercriminals find new ways to bypass organisations and get their hands on digital ‘valuables’ – be it account details, sensitive corporate data or passwords that can be sold to the highest bidder. The landscape is constantly changing; without the right tools, knowledge and frontline consultants to help […]