Author: Gary Davis

Gary Davis Vice President, Global Consumer Marketing Gary is the worldwide marketing lead for McAfee Consumer, Mobile and Small Business. In this role he oversees the strategies and plans for McAfee's routes to market (Partner, Direct and Retail). Gary is primarily responsible for optimizing the McAfee Consumer business for success and ensuring marketing superiority for McAfee's consumer products around the world. He closely follows cybersecurity news and technology topics to help educate consumers and businesses about the latest threats and the tools to help protect them. Gary is considered an online security expert frequently discussing new security threats and trends with the press. He has been interviewed by several business, security and lifestyle media, including appearances on CNBC, NBC Bay Area, ABC Bay Area News, CBS San Francisco, FOX San Francisco and ABC radio network; and quoted in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, TIME Magazine, MSNBC, PC Magazine, CNET, PC World, CSO Magazine, PC World and many others. Gary is an active contributor on the McAfee Blog and Twitter, most notably on @McAfeeConsumer, and has published several security related articles. He also sits on the Board of Directors of the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), a non-profit public-private partnership focused on cybersecurity awareness and education for all digital citizens. Prior to joining McAfee, Gary worked in marketing and product management for 17 years, including more than a decade in executive management. During this time he developed and implemented successful global strategies and plans to achieve high-revenue growth, improved profitability, and sustained customer value for security, social networking, B2C and B2B companies. For media requests, please contact

From a home security standpoint, the main gatekeeper is the house key. It’s small, portable and fairly adept at keeping out most would-be thieves. But the key does have a few things going against it: it can easily be stolen, lost or replicated; a talented lock picker can bypass it; and even the key won’t […]

NOTE: McAfee has released a Heartbleed Checker tool to help consumers easily gauge their susceptibility to the potentially dangerous effects of the Heartbleed bug. You can access the tool at: =========== Many of you may have been hearing the term “Heartbleed” over the past few days and wondering what exactly that is, and why people are […]

For most five year-olds, rule breaking usually consists of jumping in puddles and staying up past bedtime. Not so, for Kristoffer Von Hassel, the son of San Diego security researcher Robert Davies. You see, young Von Hassel managed to discover a major security flaw in the Xbox One gaming console on his own, and Microsoft, […]

Here’s a thought experiment for you: you have to face off against six opponents in rock-paper-scissors. You have to beat them all in a row and on the first try. Fail, and you start over again. Succeed, and you win a fabulous slice of pizza. You have an infinite number of tries. Would you be […]

Back in the heyday before the Internet, and even before the telephone, there was one somewhat-reliable way of spreading information far and fast: the carrier pigeon. These modern-day sky-rats were capable of delivering messages up to 100 miles away and returning to their roost in a single day. Yet they weren’t a secure method of […]