Author: Gert-Jan Schenk

Gert-Jan Schenk Gert-Jan Schenk leads the McAfee business operations in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Canada. Under his guidance the EMEA region has been turned into one of the best performing regions for McAfee. Schenk has more than 20 years of experience in security and advises CEO’s, CIO’s and CISO’s of leading companies on security solutions and best practices. He speaks frequently at international security conferences and he is recurrently quoted in the media. Prior to joining McAfee, Schenk was Senior Vice President of EMEA at Juniper Networks. Before joining Juniper, Schenk was Vice President, Channels at Unisphere Networks. Previously he was Director of Channel Sales, EMEA at Redback Networks and Regional Sales Director, Benelux and Central Europe for Madge Networks. Schenk has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing (NIMA) from the Hogeschool West Brabant and a degree in Computer Science from AMBI-Exin, postgraduate IT Education Institute.

There has been an age-old debate about the gap between ‘the business’ and ‘IT’. And nowhere is this more acute than when it comes to information security. The CEO and the rest of the C-suite in the boardroom know that security is important and that the threats in this digital age are increasing. But they […]

How many times today have you used the internet? And from how many different devices? I’m guessing the answer to both questions is “A lot”. The simple fact is that the internet is as indispensable as the roads we drive on. Some even claim Wi-Fi should be included alongside food and safety in Maslow’s Hierarchy […]

I hope you enjoyed a great summer vacation with your families and loved ones. Personally I had a wonderful and sunny holiday with my family in the south of Spain. Do you remember those days when the summers were quiet and peaceful?  Where almost nothing notable was happening? I am afraid that those days are […]

During the most recent visits to our Executive Briefing Center (EBC) in Amsterdam, the C-Level executives I spoke to were increasingly concerned with the sophistication of cyber attacks. And in fact, their concerns are well founded. It is important for organisations to understand that they need to have multiple layers of defense in order to protect all […]

Security is such a fast moving industry. I’d like to highlight three important things that happened in the past couple of weeks while I was travelling across EMEA. First and foremost, McAfee announced that we had reached a major milestone in our acquisition of Stonesoft, an industry-recognized leader in next-generation firewalls, by completing the tender offer […]