Author: Jeremy Bennett

Jeremy Bennett Jeremy Bennett been building security software and hardware for nearly two decades. He is currently the Chief Mobile Architect for McAfee where he leads the architecture and technical roadmap of McAfee’s line of mobile security products including McAfee Mobile Security and Enterprise Mobility Manager. Prior to McAfee Jeremy was Chief Platform Architect for WebOS at HP. Jeremy was responsible for the architecture of the operating system that ran on phones and tablets as well as advanced projects to bring the OS to other form factors. Jeremy has held executive, management, architecture, and development positions at companies like Aruba Networks, Symantec, Hewlett-Packard and He earned a degree, in computer science, with honors from the University of Michigan.

Recently, a vulnerability in Android package signature verification was announced by Jeff Forristal, CTO of Bluebox Security. Jeff plans on revealing details at the upcoming BlackHat Briefings at the end of this month. Though he has not released any details on his findings beyond the initial blog post more information is becoming available on how […]