Author: Michelle Dennedy

Michelle Dennedy Michelle Finneran Dennedy currently serves as VP and Chief Privacy Officer at McAfee. She is responsible for the development and implementation of McAfee data privacy policies and practices, working across business groups to drive data privacy excellence across the security continuum. Before joining McAfee, Michelle founded The iDennedy Project, a public service organization to address privacy needs in sensitive populations, such as children and the elderly, and emerging technology paradigms. Michelle is also a founder and editor in chief of a new media site——that was started as an advocacy and education site, currently focused on the growing crime of Child ID theft. Michelle was the Vice President for Security & Privacy Solutions for the Oracle Corporation. This team worked closely with customers to enable them to proceed with the confidence that information is protected and accelerated as an asset. Before the Oracle acquisition of Sun, Michelle was Chief Data Governance Officer within the Cloud Computing division at Sun Microsystems, Inc. Michelle worked closely with Sun's business, technical and legal teams to create the best data governance policies and processes possible for cloud computing in order to build trust for cloud environments through vendor transparency. Michelle also served as Sun’s Chief Privacy Officer. Michelle is a sought-after and provocative public speaker, evangelizing new approaches and business justifications for soundly-defined, transparent security and privacy policies and systems that protect healthy, safe global businesses. Michelle has a JD from Fordham University School of Law and a BS degree with university honors from The Ohio State University. In 2009, she was awarded the Goodwin Procter-IAPP Vanguard award for lifetime achievement and the EWF – CSO Magazine Woman of Influence award for work in the privacy and security fields

This week I had the privilege of visiting Washington, D.C., to attend the Committee for Economic Development (CED) Fall Policy Conference. The annual event invites policymakers, educators and industry leaders to come together and discuss some of the most pressing economic issues facing our country. This year, cybersecurity was all the buzz. The 2014 conference […]

Now that I have your attention on SHOE, please keep reading further for some helpful tips to protect your identity when buying and selling second-hand office equipment. Purchasing new IT equipment can be a significant investment, especially for small business owners with limited budgets. Many business owners look to eBay, Amazon Marketplace and Craigslist to […]

In today’s digital and data-driven world, privacy has become harder to come by and people are sharing more personal information than ever before. McAfee and One Poll conducted a study and found that 55% of people have shared their mobile or tablet PIN with others. But for us at McAfee, privacy is not dead and […]

The holiday season is upon us once again and now that you’re making your lists (checking them twice) and planning for all of the upcoming festivities, you’re likely using your digital devices to help lighten the seasonal load. But for every Santa there is a Grinch, a cybercriminal waiting in the wings to turn all […]

Since summer vacation is coming to an end, I am bracing myself for all the new things my two girls will be doing, plus the new activities and connections us parents add to our crazy lives these days.  As we pick out first day dresses and get our pencils sharpened, this is the perfect time for […]