Author: Mike Fey

Mike Fey Michael Fey is the Worldwide Chief Technology Officer for McAfee where he drives the company’s long-term strategic vision and core innovation efforts. In his role as CTO, Fey is also responsible for overseeing McAfee’s go-to-market initiatives, collaboration, and execution across McAfee’s sales, product management, development, and research teams. Prior to his current role, Fey was Senior Vice President of Advanced Technologies and Field Engineering at McAfee, where he was responsible for overseeing vital corporate acquisitions as well as engagement with global customer executives and prospects to define, design, and implement strategic security solutions. Prior to his tenure at McAfee, he held multiple technical management positions at Opsware and Mercury Interactive. Fey is co-author of the book entitled “Security Battleground: An Executive Field Manual” published in 2012 to provide guidance to executives who shoulder oversight responsibility for information security around critical business resources.

Yesterday, I established the insufficiencies of only bringing firewalls and sandboxes to the advanced malware gunfight. Given today’s threat landscape, organizations must arm need to arm themselves with the ability to find threats, freeze them to limit damage, fix them and the damage they do, and do all of these things fast. The guns of […]

Enterprise IT security systems were traditionally set up around the concept of a firewall. It’s an apt term – firewall – because it generates images of a complete defense against a threat-filled world. Everything you want to allow inside your IT environment is allowed to pass, while everything hostile to it is kept outside. Occasionally […]

As I’ve noted in my earlier post, directed cyber attacks and advanced malware can jeopardize sensitive information including valuable customer data, often resulting in immediate financial loss as well as ongoing damage to brand loyalty, vendor relationships, and investor commitment.   As we’ve all seen with the latest retail issues the hits just keep coming and […]

Malware attacks not only jeopardize sensitive information, such as valuable customer data, but they also impact brand loyalty, vendor relationships, and investor commitment.   As we’ve all seen with the latest retail issues, a serious intrusion may harm sales, customer confidence and even stock performance. Cybercriminals are frequently in the news for finding new and mindboggling […]

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics may well prove to be the most watched games of all time; in more ways than one.  Ever since the terrorist attack at the 1972 Summer Olympic Games in Munich, host nations have routinely raised the security bar, beginning with wiretaps, around-the-clock surveillance of activist organizations, and a stepped up […]