Author: Nancy Levin

Nancy Levin Nancy Levin is the Group Marketing Manager for the Web Security Group at McAfee. She has over 15 years of experience in high technology marketing, having worked in various marketing functions since 1993. Prior to joining McAfee, Nancy was the Director of Marketing for Aeris Communications, a wireless network company. Nancy was a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Autodesk. Previously, she had several positions at Palm including Channel Marketing Manager and Sales Development Program Manager. Prior to joining Palm, she worked at AT&T (formerly Pacific Bell Wireless) where she served as a Program Manager. Nancy is a graduate of the University of Delaware.

In recent years, the number and variety of new security threats seems be increasing exponentially. Online commerce has taken off and criminals are taking note, putting consumers and the businesses that they buy from at risk. The 2012 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) presents some unsettling data regarding the state of web-based threats, with […]

Whether it’s clicking on spam links or using “1234” as a password for both Twitter and banking, online merchants will always have to be mindful of consumers’ impressive ability to jeopardize their own information. It’s man against the machine. As merchants try to stay one step ahead with the latest security tools, it can be […]

In a recent McAfee Labs blog, Global Threat Response Team Manager, Samantha Swift, discusses how the McAfee SECURE™ trustmark has been increasingly falsified on sites as part of a “ransomware” campaign. According to Swift, infected machines will notify users with a localized graphic containing a police logo that their machine has been “locked” and can […]

One of the hottest topics at this year’s Internet Retailer Conference and Expo was mobile commerce and, by extension, mobile payment technology. By lumping payment methods, loyalty cards, and coupons all into one location, services like Google Wallet, Passbook and ISIS™ make it easier than ever to shop online. Customers are now able to purchase […]

Another Internet Retailer Conference and Expo has come and gone, but not without some amazing experiences both on and off the show floor. Last week, our McAfee team joined 570 other exhibiting companies in the world’s largest showcase of eCommerce technology – where we were also proud to secure the 2012 IRCE registration site. Two […]