Author: Niranjan Jayanand

Niranjan Jayanand I joined McAfee labs in Jan 2012. I am part of Mcafee - Facebook team and customer escalation team.

Be advised cybercriminals are at it again, leveraging the popularity of Facebook and YouTube to scam consumers.We have seen several scams in the past spreading through Facebook promising of some leaked video of celebrities, or free Facebook T-shirts etc. The malware authors are making money by pay-per-click with these techniques. Users are tricked into clicking […]

Malicious worms are found infecting customers through-out the year. They keep evolving to evade the Anti Virus detections. They add junk codes or come up with new custom packer, yet achieve their full functionality and reward their developers. We have seen earlier how different types of malware use chat windows to download and spread across […]

We recently came across a Trojan that steals image files of .jpg, .jpeg extensions, and Windows memory dumps (.dmp) from victims’ machines and uploads them to an FTP address hardcoded in the malware. This Trojan silently opens a command line and copies those image files found on the C, D, and E drives to the […]

This blog was updated on October 15. See the end of this file. We recently received a sample of the malware NGRBot from a customer, who got a spam email with what appears to be a Skype link. Victims are lured into clicking a link that promises an image. Once victims click the link, the […]

Since the beginning of October we have seen a variant of fake antivirus malware that belongs to the FakeRean family of rogue security products. FakeRean is distributed by drive-by downloads or is dropped and executed by another malware. It blocks victims from accessing any other legitimate application on an infected machine. Like other fake AV […]