Author: Raj Samani

Raj Samani VP, CTO for McAfee EMEA Raj is currently working as the VP, Chief Technical Officer for McAfee EMEA, having previously worked as the Chief Information Security Officer for a large public sector organisation in the UK. He volunteers as the Cloud Security Alliance EMEA Strategy Advisor, is on the advisory councils for Infosecurity Europe, and Infosecurity Magazine. In addition, Raj was previously the Vice President for Communications in the ISSA UK Chapter, having presided over the award for Chapter communications programme of the year 2008, and 2009.. He has had numerous security papers published, and appeared on television (ITV and More4). As well as providing assistance in the 2006 RSA Wireless Security Survey and part of the consultation committee for the RIPA Bill (Part 3). Raj is also the author of the upcoming book 'Applied Cyber Security and the Smart Grid' He can be found on twitter @Raj_Samani

Last October, McAfee announced a five-year partnership with Bletchley Park Trust, the home of the World War II Codebreakers, further highlighting our commitment to educating the public – young and old – around the threat of cybercrime. I’m hugely passionate about this partnership. Not only are we bringing together two organisations highly committed to keeping […]

Headlines for January have been dominated by revelations of one retailer after another suffering from enormous breaches of personal, and financial data.  From the 18th of December 2013 when news of the Target breach were publicly disclosed, to Neiman Marcus the cumulative loss runs into the many tens of millions.  At McAfee Labs we provided […]

We love the Internet, and with good reason! Whilst the positive benefits are clearly understood, the concern for many parents is a lack of understanding related to online dangers. This was highlighted at a recent presentation at a local school in Ireland, where we asked a simple question to the children about what worries them […]

“Why am I transferring this money? Oh, this is for the cocaine.” I can’t imagine ever using such a justification to a bank teller, but if I did reply like this I would almost immediately expect some sort of investigation. This and other remarkable reasons for transactions (such as for “ATM-skimming work”) by Liberty Reserve […]

I was recently provided an opportunity to present the topic of cyber security to an audience of CEOs made up of critical infrastructure operators. In all honesty, this was the hardest presentation to prepare for. This was largely because I wanted to avoid the typical ‘cyber’ presentation of simply discussing threats, and hypothetical scenarios. The […]