Author: Rees Johnson

Rees Johnson

The Problem  Cybercriminals are targeting organizations successfully in spite of traditional security measures as noted recently by the NY Times and a front page article in the Wall Street Journal on cyber espionage.  This issue is driven by the cybercriminal gangs’ ability to compromise vulnerable systems using sophisticated reconnaissance and penetration tactics.  So, how do […]

Everyone’s looking to shave their IT budgets, manage fewer vendors and streamline. The plethora of low cost and sometimes free AV products is an enticing option to lower the cost to secure any business. Some free antivirus programs do an acceptable job of detecting, blocking and removing certain kinds of malware, but don’t provide protection […]

Gartner once again published its 2010 Magic Quadrant for Network Intrusion Prevention Systems.  While McAfee has consistently achieved placement in the “Leader’s Quadrant” for the past five years, it made a significant leap forward this year capturing the top spot by surpassing all competitors and accelerating past previous leaders in both vision and ability to execute.  […]

Recently Network World’s Ellen Messmer asked “Is open-source Snort dead?” With claims of a new and improved open-source IDS engine, OISF certainly hopes so. Or course Sourcefire, the keeper of Snort, vehemently disagrees. While Open source projects are a great way to drive interest and innovation in almost any field, it will be interesting to […]

I have been involved with developing great security products for the bulk of my career.  With every new product we always believe it is bound for stardom. Well, it has finally happened.  McAfee’s firewall product (McAfee Enterprise Firewall, formerly SideWinder) was recently featured on a prime-time TV show which depicts a military criminal investigative unit […]