Author: Toni Birdsong

Toni Birdsong Toni Birdsong is a Family Safety Evangelist for Intel Security. She is an author, speaker, and cyber savvy mom of two teenagers (much to their dismay). As a family safety evangelist for Intel Security, she focuses on online safety and often speaks to educators, parents, and teens about dodging the dangers online. She is the co-owner of Birdsong Creative, a Nashville-based web design company, where she specializes in social media and brand strategy. Her writing background includes a journalism career in Los Angeles where she specialized in technology, business and politics. Toni also spent nearly a decade as a Sr. Communication Specialist for The Walt Disney Company writing extensively about the people and the technology behind the magic. She is an Apple products fanatic, mobile app addict, and when she’s not blogging or reading Mashable, you will find her unapologetically stalking her kids online. Twitter: @IntelSec_Family and @ToniBirdsong. Learn more: and

There is a lot going on in the digital world these days and we don’t want you to miss the stuff that will help you raise amazing digital kids, have great family conversations . . . and maintain your post as the most tech-savvy parent at the water cooler (or in the bleachers). So here’s your curated […]

I’m not trying to be a Debbie downer. Really, I’m not. However, sooner or later you will see, uncover—or be informed of—your child’s less-than-wise behavior online. How can I predict this with such certainty? The simple fact that your child is a newer human in possession of a mobile device, traveling with a pack of […]

If you could change one thing about yourself that would allow you to double your impact as a parent, what would that one thing be? Peering into the face of the New Year, I asked myself that question and came up with my own “fix it” list. Then I took a deep breath and asked […]

No surprise, Chambers Dictionary has declared overshare as 2014’s word of the year. And rightly so since anyone and everyone shares personal details online that would have curled our toes back just ten years ago. The word, now officially a verb, means: to reveal an inappropriate amount of detail about one’s personal life. This latest […]

To catch a vision for your family in the year ahead first requires a brief look back. What worked in your family this year and what didn’t? What rules, priorities, or thinking could use some fine-tuning? If you could do the last year over, what decisions would you change? What decisions moved your family forward? […]