Author: Tyson Macaulay

Tyson Macaulay Tyson Macaulay is vice president of global telecommunications strategy at McAfee. Macaulay has extensive achievements in the telecommunications space, most recently as security liaison officer for the past 8 years at Bell Canada. He also supports the development of engineering and security standards through the Professional Engineers of Ontario, the International Standards Organization (ISO), the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), and the newly formed oneM2M.

The third meeting of the International Standards Organization’s (ISO) Special Working Group (SWG) on (Internet of Things) recently took place in Chongqing, China.  The purpose of the SWG is essentially to assess what has been done to date related to IoT standards and provide guidance to ISO about the ISO so that the existing standards […]

This is a follow-up discussion from my IoT blog entry on data quality on the Internet and ultimately in the Internet of Things (IoT).  In the last post, we pointed out that in the increasingly automated IoT, people often don’t know where their decision-support data has come from?  And what if it did not have […]

“On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog”.  More appropriately: “On the internet, nothing knows you’re a dog”. An emerging risk in the Internet of Things (IoT)  is associated with the quality of data related to “things”.  The risk is not that the data on or in the thing is corrupted itself. The risk  it […]

In system engineering, and good system design begins with establish good “requirements”.  Requirements are not just technical and engineering features, they can also be operational (what are the designed configuration features,  what is the required uptime, downtime or service interval, etc) and requirements can be business-orient related to regulatory obligations (privacy, safety) or internally mandated […]

Risk and the Internet of Things must not be left unmanaged. It is a real threat, and the consequences can certainly be severe.   Fortunately, work is underway in the area of managing risk for this growing dynamic; I call it “RIOT Control” as a concise way to explain the complex topic of information security for […]