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Channel Partner Finds Success Migrating Postini Customers to More Robust McAfee SaaS Email Protection

By on Nov 01, 2013

When other technology providers shift their focus away from security, businesses relying on those providers are inevitably left in the dust.  The end-of-life announcement for email security offering Postini is a recent example – abruptly leaving many customers and partners in an uphill battle to find another way to protect their information and email communications.

Many of you, our channel partners, are already taking action to ensure our mutual customers are never left unprotected. In fact, many of you have already successfully moved former Postini customers to our email security service, trusting our long-term stability as a security vendor and the additional measures taken in our email security solutions to protect users. As a result in Q3 2013 (July-Sept), you helped us drive solid double digit growth of our SMB SaaS email business.

To better understand this opportunity let’s take a look at how McAfee partner, Technologyville, migrated their customers to McAfee SaaS Email Protection and Continuity as a replacement to Postini and how they are now able to offer a broader range of protection for their customers, including McAfee SaaS Web Protection, protecting customers against advanced web-based malware threats.

We look forward to sharing more partner success stories via this blog. Please feel free to comment on this blog with any suggestions or success story requests that will help your business.

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