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React to Security Events as They Happen with Real Time for McAfee ePO

By on May 07, 2014

IT teams need the right security tools so that they can react to incidents, as they happen—not after the fact. However, this can be difficult for enterprises to accomplish. Different business units, each with differing security standards, regulatory mandates, clients and goals, still need to fall under the security guidelines set out by the IT administration.

It’s a growing problem across multiple industries — especially industries faced with compliance mandates when handling sensitive data. Not knowing what’s going on, where, and when it happens puts enterprises at risk for data breaches and damaged reputations.

Executives and IT personnel both need the most accurate up-to-date information on a critical event as it evolves. But neither can wait hours, or in some cases, minutes, for a prolonged analysis. That’s where intuition, experience and groundbreaking technology come into play. Intuition cuts out misleading variables and gives the IT personnel context, experience tells the executive how long the event has to go on before more people are brought in and notified of the issue and the groundbreaking technology helps the everyone diagnose, if not treat, the event faster then ever before.

The latest update to McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee ePO) version 5.1 is designed with those challenges in mind. McAfee ePO 5.1 allows organizations to improve disaster recovery, add additional browser support, enable Real Time for ePO, and much more! Real Time for McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator collects endpoint security product status instantly, helping your team quickly identify and remediate under-protected and noncompliant endpoints. Through a client-to-client architecture, Real Time for ePO provides IT administrators with current, real time security information, rather than historical data in order to help you understand “what is,” rather than “what was.”

With insight from Real Time for ePO, administrators see critical events in context, with details and with possible remediation solutions. This gives your IT team the means to remediate security events as they’re happening. Unlike the stressful environment of an emergency room, all it takes for IT teams to resolve a problem are a few drop-down menu clicks to confirm, adjust and expand protection. Pre-defined scripts, tools and actions cut down on reaction time and reduce your company’s exposure to threats and brand-damaging breaches.

Enterprise businesses fight an uphill battle when faced with protecting internal data. Being able to react as events happen, not after, protects your business from data breaches, outages, forced disclosures and damaged reputations. With McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 5.1, your business is protected with the most advanced security platform today. Upgrade today.

Click here for complete ePO upgrade information or head to for general information about McAfee ePO 5.1. Check out our McAfee Real Time video here.

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