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Small Merchant Awareness and PCI Compliance

By on Dec 05, 2013

We’re now past Black Friday, Small business Saturday and Cyber Monday- and we are all experiencing the increased velocity heading toward the final days of 2013.  Even though deals and steals are the mainstay of larger retailers, small businesses are not fully on board with these tactics. Eighty-two percent of small merchants find loyal customers are the best way to grow their business. Loyalty is derived not only by finding great merchandise or a phenomenal service but the overall entire experience, including what happens at check-out.

Regardless if the experience is in person or online protecting customer card holder data is an integral part of building trust and loyalty.  But card processing is a complicated process, can be technically challenging, and may not get the proper care and security management that PCI compliance requires.

Customers may become more aware of the mishandling or poor security of point of sale systems by retailers of any size because there is a trend that State Attorney Generals prodded by the banks who bear a large burden of cost when a credit card needs to be re-issued are getting more involved.  For now, we wait and see if this holiday season rolls into the new year with even more reported breaches and state driven prosecutions.

For more details on the issues of uncertainty that face smaller merchants, take a look at a recent contributed article Too Small To Count

 -Kim Singletary



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