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Cyber Security Tips for Business — Business Internet Security

Our expert bloggers will reveal their findings and offer tips on how to maximize your online security so you can focus on what’s most important – your business.

New year = new attack vectors. With the holidays in full swing and 2014 coming to a close, McAfee Labs has produced their latest Threats Report. In it, key security predictions for the coming year are discussed, including forecasts around increases in cyber espionage, more frequent attacks on the Internet of Things, and the ‘explosion’ […]

We have looked at the current capabilities of DXL and some of the initial functionality that our partners are delivering. Now I would like to speculate on some of the interesting near-term possibilities that DXL enables. When analyzing potential cyber threats, the current device, location, and application provide contextual information that helps make correct decisions […]

This is part I in a series on proactive defense using a proven professional services security methodology When my credit card got declined at the gas station I remembered a term I’d recently read in an article about a large retailer’s data breach.  The term is “vulnerability-fatigue,” where news of a recent disaster is ignored […]

What do a reality TV show about business and the channel have in common? The answer is that by not having the right skills set, you may be missing out on the investment you were hoping for. “The Apprentice” sees confident and ambitious candidates from all sectors of the business world, around the globe, being […]

Now that organizations are more interested in connecting their operational infrastructure and leveraging IoT advancements to reduce costs and increase revenues, we’re seeing much more interest in cyber security in these OT or industrial controls environments.    And it’s a tough problem because protection strategies for connecting operation systems must not impact system performance or resiliency, […]