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A Project with DePaul University and McAfee, Part of Intel Security In attempts to be more cost conscious and stretch limited resources, businesses may look to purchase second-hand office equipment, such as used laptops, tablets and mobile phones. On average, businesses spend nearly double purchasing new tech devices versus if they bought used. Buying used […]

Spring is in the air; it is the traditional time to clean house, tidy away things you don’t use, and for us geeks, time to dispose of all the old, tech gadgets that we’ve accumulated over the last year. My house is no exception to this, though my wife and I have very different opinions. […]

  I came across an excellent book titled, Assessing Network Security. It’s written by three Microsoft security researchers who understand Domain Controllers (DCs) inside out. I found it quite insightful and I strongly recommend it if you are in charge of IT Security. They describe DC security with a single sentence – “Defending the keys to […]

These are the days when it becomes crystal clear just how vital it is to be fighting on the front lines of the advancing cyber war – developing defenses to help organizations protect what is so rightfully theirs.  Today, as I read the findings from a 2014 Vanson Bourne report that surveyed 800 CIOs and […]

Try all we might to develop the perfect data protection and management solution, there will always be those that will not avail themselves to it for one reason or another. We keep striving to develop technologies and features that move the needle, but that doesn’t guarantee 100% adoption. But that is okay. We have to […]