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Each year between $2-3 trillion of the global economy is generated via the Internet. With cybercrime expected to extract roughly 15-20% of these funds – a total sum of roughly $500 billion – the impact of cybercrime will undoubtedly be felt in the wallets of businesses and individuals alike. Financial loss is just one component […]

Where certain flamboyant IPOs and mergers might lead one to think advanced malware was a solved problem, Black Hat demonstrated just the opposite. This year, we uncovered that security experts are still spending days and weeks of each month dealing with advanced malware. In response to this realization, they acknowledge they need more than a […]

Timing is everything in an airport and to handle the growth in travelers and airlines at Cologne Bonn, the IT infrastructure includes several large networks and various system architectures, which must be harmonized and centrally operated. Cologne Bonn is a thoroughly modern airport that has many advanced procedures in place to help them manage everything efficiently. […]

When targeted attacks such as Operation Dragonfly began their offensive against vital infrastructure systems, the security community took notice. These cyber-attacks use a multitude of intrusion methods with the intent to disrupt entire nations’ economies. Not only should targeted attacks be of significant concern for those who dwell within the infosec community, but members of […]

They say you can’t teach an old dog, new tricks—or can you? The technology landscape has changed dramatically over the last 10 years, and many security approaches organizations previously relied on are no match for today’s advanced threats. Tools like Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) have become critical to securing an increasingly complex network […]