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In today’s digital computing world there is a device and application for almost everything we do. I wake up in the morning to the sound of an alarm that was set on my smart phone. I then take a glimpse into my day and check emails, calendars and the weather. Minutes later, I text my […]

Focus your energies on building a comprehensive security strategy and turning to experts for guidance. Panic: a sudden overwhelming fear that produces hysterical or irrational behavior and that often spreads quickly through a group. Puzzle: a thing that is difficult to understand or explain. A new year always brings with it a round of predictions. […]

One Phish, Two Phish: How Cybercriminals Reel in 80% of Users with Deceptive Emails We’ve all seen it. The innocent-looking message from what appears to be your bank, reminding you that it’s time to update your account information with the simple click of a link and the entering of some personal information. Everything looks in […]

How to create a better working environment for security professionals. January is a good time to get strategic and think about the bigger picture. The glut of security breaches in 2014 has increased the pressure to hire and retain cybersecurity experts, in a market that was already experiencing an acute shortage. Ranging from 50,000 to […]

For this post, I have turned my blogging pen over to my colleague Patrick Flynn, Intel Security Director of Homeland and National Security Programs, to articulate yet another reason FirstNet is needed.   By Patrick Flynn The news in DC recently has been focused on an incident on a Metro train that left one person dead and […]