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We have looked at the current capabilities of DXL and some of the initial functionality that our partners are delivering. Now I would like to speculate on some of the interesting near-term possibilities that DXL enables. When analyzing potential cyber threats, the current device, location, and application provide contextual information that helps make correct decisions […]

Hello everyone, This is Greg Blaum again with the Microsoft Patch Tuesday newsletter for December 2014. Well, this is the last Patch Tuesday update for 2014. If you recall from last month, one of the patches (MS14-075) was held back from the November release and not released in an out-of-band patch. It is included this […]

We all know that 2014 has been marked by a huge uptick in high-profile data breaches in both the public and private sectors. What everyone is asking is this: How do we avoid a repeat of this situation in 2015?  This is an especially important question in government. With the sensitivity of the data government […]

Much has been written in a variety of news, financial, and political publications about the effects upon the populace and economy as a result of the October 2013 government shutdown.  From thousands of children having their “Head Start” programs terminated to poultry and meat inspections potentially not occurring, to a $2 billion to $6 billion […]

When we launched the Intel Security Digital Safety Program recently, it marked a new era in our commitment to cyber education. Since 2009, McAfee has sent employee volunteers into schools to teach digital safety. We reached 250,000 students but we weren’t satisfied. So we partnered with one of the most exciting brands in digital education – […]