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Have you made your list of New Year’s resolutions yet? It appears that Google has, and helping make the Internet a safer place is one of them. The company has announced that in 2015, they intend to take a more proactive approach to informing Chrome users that websites beginning with ‘HTTP’ do not securely store […]

In the mid-2000s a commercial advertisement achieved so much notoriety that its existence bordered on parody. The product was a headache-relieving cream called HeadOn and its advertisements told you three times to “apply it directly to the forehead.” The commercial was widely panned for its bizarre nature and lack of specificity. What, exactly, was HeadOn? […]

Over the years we’ve tracked the growth of cyber attacks on computers, mobile devices and digital appliances. While attacks continue to grow in both volume and complexity, the great majority of them retain one common trait: they infect unsuspecting victims through a phishing attack—an attempt to trick you into giving up sensitive personal information through […]

There exists, in this world of ours, a term describing the public release of a person’s identity against their will online. It’s called doxxing—Internet-speak for publishing docs, or documents—and it has quickly gone from an obscure Internet term to a tool for digital intimidation. And it can be quite nasty. Those seeking the identity of […]

The holidays are here, and that means toys, treats, and the looming presence of a new year of cybersecurity mayhem. In the spirit of holiday giving, we’re going to discuss what you can expect to see on the security landscape next year, based on predictions from our latest McAfee Labs™ Threats Report. So put down […]