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Horrible people do horrible things to get ahead in life. Case in point: scammers are deploying phishing attacks—emails and websites that trick users into giving up sensitive information—designed to take advantage of a humanitarian disaster. To make matters worse, this phishing attack is coupled with a secondary scam—fraudulent fundraising. Earlier this month, a group of […]

If there is one consistent theme in every horror movie, it’s voyeurism. We saw victims stalked through the eyes of Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th. We watched as filmmakers vanished in the Blair Witch Project. And as kids, we even gawked as paintings and ghouls spied on Scooby Doo and the gang. So, would […]

It’s no secret that most mobile users feel secure without locking their phone. After all, according to Consumer Reports, only 36% of users bother with a basic PIN number. And while securing your mobile phone physically with a PIN number is a great way to lead a more secure life, it isn’t enough. After all, […]

McAfee’s Annual List Educates Shoppers on How to Avoid Unwrapping an Online Threat and Keep Their Digital Lives Safe As temperatures begin to drop, snow starts to fall, and decorations go up, consumers across the country begin preparing for upcoming holiday festivities. This time of year consumers are rushed and use their devices much more […]

Earlier this week, American Express (AMEX) launched its American Express Token Service. Despite what its name may suggest, AMEX isn’t making a pass at the less-than lucrative video arcade space, but rather they’re making a significant move to secure your financial transactions online. American Express Token Service helps make transactions more secure by replacing payment […]