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  Update: 4/11/2014 McAfee’s Heartbleed Test tool has been posted and enables users to test sites for the presence of this vulnerability. ———- A recent vulnerability in OpenSSL is causing quite a stir. Documented as CVE-2014-0160, this vulnerability has a significant impact on the perceived security of a number servers across the globe. One of […]

In China, some mobile phone geeks like to refresh their Android machines with images from the Internet. For some mobile phone dealers, this makes good business. They can earn extra money from refreshing phone ROMs for those users who want to erase a lot of useless applications in the original ROMs. However, making an Android […]

Cuba has been described as the least connected country in the Western Hemisphere. With trade embargoes limiting the import of new technologies and tight restrictions controlling the usage of the Internet, Cuba nonetheless shares one in common Internet trait with other countries: It is not immune to malware. McAfee Mobile Research has identified a new […]

Today many people use multiple web services, such as social networking and messaging services. Some users explicitly show their identity in these services, but others visit those services separately–as unidentifiable, different users. To protect their privacy, the latter group might not want their accounts and activities on multiple services to be associated with each other. […]

As a supplement to the latest McAfee Labs Threats Report, published this week, we offer this timeline of leading threats that made news in the fourth quarter of 2013.   October 3: Adobe reports personal information relating to customer orders has been accessed in an attack on the company’s systems.[1] The total amounts to 152 […]