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One Trojan that just won’t go away is the remote access tool njRAT. Microsoft recently took down a leading domain associated with the malware, but that action did not come off as smoothly as the company hoped. We closely track this remote access tool (RAT) and see a rise in its popularity every year. The […]

McAfee product coverage and mitigations for malware or indicators associated with the recent attacks (a.k.a. Dragonfly, Energetic Bear, Havex/SYSMain) on industrial control systems (ICS’s) are listed below. The Havex remote access tool is common across these associated attacks or campaigns–including Dragonfly. We have seen Havex in ICS-specific targeted campaigns. It can detect and affect ICS- […]

Every organization has deployed anti-virus/anti-malware solutions, but how much you have actually reduced your risk? To recap what we’ve covered in this 5-part blog series, Aberdeen’s analysis and Monte Carlo modeling: Confirms the high risk of unprotected endpoints Demonstrates that endpoint protection really does reduce risk Confirms that “free” endpoint protection (e.g., Microsoft) is better […]

If you’re just tuning in, this is the fourth in a series of blogs about understanding the risk of endpoint security, preceded by: Endpoint Security: The Risk of Going Unprotected Endpoint Security: Yes, Anti-Virus Really Does Reduce Risk Endpoint Security: Why “Free” A/V is Better Than Nothing By now, the approach to substantiate the statement […]

Building on our work in the blog Endpoint Security: Yes, Anti-Virus Really Does Reduce Risk, we now turn our attention to the perfectly legitimate question: is a “free” anti-virus / anti-malware solutions really worth it? We can continue to use the CCM metrics published by Microsoft as our estimates for the infection rates for unprotected […]