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In the “Verizon 2013 Data Breach and Investigations Report” 80% of cases (examined by Verizon) a breach wasn’t detected for at least weeks, if not months or years.  Once a detection was made the data suggests that in 79% of cases it took days, weeks or months to contain, which is significant because an attacker […]

Most malware is created for economic purposes. To name just a few of our reports and blogs on this topic, we have written about Cybercrime Exposed, stolen data, and the Target point-of-sale malware. But sometimes it’s not clear to our customers how much time and skill malware authors invest in their tools. A recent case […]

Anyone with the responsibilities around server, infrastructure or computing knows to request, demand and expect 99.999% availability or refer to it as five 9s. So why isn’t there a default expectation to server security whether it’s sitting in a data closet, delivered as IaaS or in the near future instrumented as an element as part […]

I previously blogged about PCI-DSS 3.0 and managing risk, vulnerability and changes and how to derive more with a system that gives real-time views of the environment automating the process of vulnerability ranking. This results in an action plan that allows you to reconcile the most immediate security issues at hand. Addressing risk is a […]

Nov. 20: Update with details of memorial service at the end of this post. Earlier this week the security industry lost one of the pioneers of antimalware research, with the untimely death of Peter Szor. He was a Senior Director of Malware Research at McAfee but, more than that, he was a colleague and very […]