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“Distrust and caution are the parents of security”–Benjamin Franklin A recent threat targeting Chinese users of Mac OS X and iPhone came to light yesterday. The malware, called WireLurker, is distributed by the Chinese third-party app store Maiyadi. Since the threat’s discovery, more than 400 applications containing the Trojan were identified at the store. Two […]

Mike here – When I started on the inside sales floor at Oracle I couldn’t wait to get out in the field. Once in the field, I mapped my strategy to move from managing a roster of small accounts to landing bigger fish. It was all about the speed that I could get from one […]

Mike here – Exciting news today at the Apple event! I can’t wait to upgrade to the iPad Air 2 and take slow-mo videos at the next Phish concert. I’m also loving the front-facing ‘selfie’ camera, retina HD displays, and the extra screen space on my new iPhone 6. However, what I’m most excited about is that Apple Pay, powered […]

When different organizations team up to defeat malicious software, great things can happen. That’s the conclusion we can take away from Apple and Reddit’s cooperation in taking down the iWorm bug affecting roughly 17,000 Mac users across the globe. So what’s iWorm, you ask? iWorm is a malicious program (often called malware) which takes advantage […]

On Tuesday, office productivity plummeted for two hours. The reason: Apple CEO Tim Cook took to the stage to announce the company’s next generation of iPhones and it’s newest device, the Apple Watch. But buried within the wave of Apple announcements is a single feature that may be more transformative than anything Apple has done […]