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Before we begin: please take a minute to update all of your iOS devices to the latest iOS version, iOS 7.0.6. Do that now. It takes five minutes. I’ll wait. Done? Good. Here’s why you needed that update: Apple’s iOS and OSX operating systems, the software that makes your iPhone an iPhone and your Mac […]

Apple fans rejoice! You too can take a bite out of cybercrime with our latest product release. We recently launched McAfee® Mobile Security for iOS devices, featuring a number of comprehensive protection options available previously only to Android users. Available for free, the software provides iPhones and iPads with a secure vault for private content, […]

I’ve mentioned many times about the dangers of connecting to public Wi-Fi, but who would have thought that connecting your phone to a public USB charger could expose you to similar malware dangers? Researchers at Georgia Tech have found a vulnerability in Apple’s iPhone that allows for malicious apps to be installed—without ever downloading from […]

The digital divide between parents and their children is probably the widest it will ever be. Today’s youth are being referred to as digital natives: they were either born during or after the introduction of digital technologies and are far more adept at using them than prior generations. In our modern world, you’re more likely […]

Now, if your tax returns are up to date and you have a healthy relationship with a financial planner, I have no doubt you could answer this question in an instant. But what about your other assets? And I am not referring to your children because clearly they are priceless – most of the time!! […]