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There’s no doubt that “big data” is the technology trend du jour for government agencies and businesses alike. And for good reason. Organizations of all types can reap great benefits from leveraging information from their technology systems to make better decisions, improve processes and – now – increase IT security. With the ever-increasing sophistication and […]

DTS is one of the larger systems companies in Germany, with around 140 team members in six locations.  Mid-sized and enterprise companies, as well as public institutions, rely on DTS to meet high data security demands and remain compliant with domestic and international regulations. The challenge for the security professionals at DTS was one of […]

Event correlation is the real return on a SIEM investment. In a properly secured network, at least a dozen types of security devices generate events with potentially critical information on ongoing attacks, holes in the network, or operational concerns. SIEM correlation’s job is to turn all this data into a prioritized to-do list for security […]

This post is the first in a series of articles that will expand on the recently released McAfee Labs 2014 Threats Predictions. In this and upcoming posts, McAfee Labs researchers will offer their views of new and evolving threats we expect to see in the coming year. This article was written by Dr. Igor Muttik and […]

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) provides businesses with real-time security and protection. McAfee ESM, a security information and event management (SIEM) solution, was designed for today’s problems, combining cost-effectiveness, intelligence and speed into a solution that leverages SIEM technology in an intelligent and effective manner. There are a variety of ways that McAfee ESM stands […]