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Mobile banking Trojans have usually pretended to be security applications (for example, Zitmo) or legitimate banking apps (FakeToken or FkSite a.k.a. Perkele) to trick users into installing the malware. These apps steal incoming SMS messages that could contain mTANs (Mobile Transaction Authentication Numbers) used as two-factor authentication to allow Internet transactions. Now, however, it seems that […]

In McAfee Labs we keep a close eye on the Zeus/Zbot/Gamover botnet malware that is responsible of thousands of samples we gather each day. The following graph shows the total number of Zbot samples submitted to McAfee Labs in recent months. For a couple of weeks, McAfee Labs has followed a global Zbot campaign, in […]

Last year we reported on the Athena HTTP botnet, which targets Windows XP systems, mostly for distributed denial-of-service attacks. Now we have examined the botnet Plasma HTTP, whose infections seem to be widespread and target all Windows systems. Attacker use this HTTP-based botnet primarily as a CPU and GPU cryptocurrency miner. Once a machine is […]

Smart TVs, refrigerators, and wireless speakers all played a role in the first global Internet-of-Things cyber attack, discovered by security researchers last week. According to these researchers, more than 100,000 Internet-connected “smart” home appliances were manipulated to create a malicious network that spammed unsuspecting victims with 750,000 phishing emails for a period of about 2 […]

This post is one in a series of articles that expand on the recently released McAfee Labs 2014 Threats Predictions. In this and related posts, McAfee Labs researchers offer their views of new and evolving threats we expect to see in the coming year. This article was written by Benjamin Cruz and Adam Wosotowsky. Botnets […]