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This is the second of four-part blog series on the IT security inflection point. In my last blog, I discussed how we can become more relevant to each other and our mutual customers in a rapidly changing IT security industry. Every organization will become a digital business, and as a result, protecting critical data and […]

My leadership team and I held our Global Channels Webcast, and as we get deeper into the quarter I want to take an opportunity to provide you with a recap of the event and what you should be thinking seriously about as you work towards closing out 2014. Firstly, if you were unable to attend […]

Our Partner Learning Center (PLC) is changing for the better! With a goal of improving your overall experience with the PLC, we are making changes in the coming months to make it easier to use and help you maximize your time. As the first step in making these changes you’ll notice we’ve made registering for […]

More and more companies are seeking the benefits of a hybrid cloud model. The ability to extend a private cloud to leverage the vast resources and services of the public cloud is rapidly becoming the Holy Grail of cloud computing. A key challenge has been securing the software-defined data center. Today, we announced several advancements […]

With the global cost of cybercrime adding up to over $400 billion dollars per year, security remains a top issue for today’s business leaders. The launch of our new Make the Move program makes it easier for you to earn 10% in additional Deal Registration margin, when you successfully migrate a customer from a competitive […]