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Have you ever wondered why it is that your kids can’t join social media sites like Facebook until they are 13 years of age? Perhaps you thought that it is the social media sites ‘looking out’ for the interests of our children. I know I did a few years back.   Now while I would […]

Sorry, this post will not push the health benefits of a kale-flax smoothie (although they do rock). But, if your aspiring college student follows this 7-Day Digital Cleanse for a full week, he is bound to become more digitally fit. (Disclaimer: the side effects of the 7-Day Digital Cleanse could be life changing and dream […]

Till the age of 10, a child lives in an idyllic world of his own creation, where only his games and parents are often enough to keep him blissfully happy. But come the tweens and teens, there is a sea-change in his attitude to life. Suddenly the child is besieged with hitherto unknown emotions, ideas […]

Today marks the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence – a timely opportunity to remind your offspring that bullying and violence are NOT OK, ever. With a catchy tagline of ‘Bullying. No Way!’, this successful annual event provides schools with fantastic resources, lesson plans and events designed to help children clearly understand that […]

Sexting – What Parents Need To Know NOW Without doubt, sexting is one of the greatest concerns for parents in our digital age. The legal ramifications are of great concern but just as devastating is the knowledge that once the images have been sent – there is no way of getting them back. These ‘private’ […]