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Wouldn’t it be convenient if the dangers heading toward our kids had neon signs pointing to them? Unfortunately, that’s not the way things work and, more often than not, the dangers are camouflaged, sometimes intentionally. While it’s normal for kids to have secrets, when you add technology to the mix, there might be hidden dangers to […]

You would be hard pressed to find a parent who doesn’t worry about cyberbullying, and rightly so. Cyberbullying can be absolutely devastating for victims. A quick ‘google’ provides parents with a list of tragic cases of young adults who have suffered significant psychological trauma or even lost their lives as a result of unchecked cyberbullying. […]

I’m currently in a staring match with summer and just three weeks in, I have yet to blink. I have a decision to make each and every day as a parent. Will I forfeit the hours to my child’s beloved (and preferred) gadgets, or, will I fight to make the minutes, hours, and days of […]

Do you really know what your kids are doing all the time? Probably not, unless you’re a stalker (just kidding). But really, there has to be some element of trust and you can’t physically be everywhere your kids are. And that also applies to the online world. As parents, we need to be aware of […]

We write a lot about the tech basics—or the hard skills—you need to excel in your superhero job as a digital parent today. But there’s the other side of parenting that is equally if not more important called the soft skills. Soft skill is a term associated with a person’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and includes […]