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Everyone loves a good deal—including hackers. Unfortunately, after a brief quiet period in the world of data breaches, it appears as though Goodwill Industries, purveyor of second-hand clothing and goods, may be suffering from a series of credit card breaches nationwide. This is especially troubling as it affects a group of people who may be […]

eBay Inc., the well-known digital auction house where users can purchase anything from concert memorabilia to an automobile, announced on Wednesday that the company suffered a cyberattack. The attack that occurred in late February and early March (but was first discovered 2 weeks ago), compromised a database containing encrypted passwords, email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers […]

Last week, Bitly, a popular URL shortening service, announced a breach in security. The breach compromised user data—including emails, passwords, API keys and OAuth tokens. Though Bitly CEO Mark Josephson stated he doesn’t believe user accounts were accessed without permission, this could change if users do not act quickly to change their account credentials. The […]

In our Security Connected discussions, security leaders routinely ask “Where do I invest for results? How do I communicate the risk reduction impact of security investments to the Board?” Now there’s practical assistance on which controls count and why: guidance based on attack data and implementation best practices developed in a vendor-neutral process. How often […]

By now, everyone in has heard about the Target and Neiman Marcus data breaches. We’ve recently discovered these retail attacks have been targeting Windows-based cash register systems aka point-of-sales (POS) systems. Hackers are finding ways to penetrate retailers’ networks and install malware on their Windows-based cash register systems and Back-of-the-House (BOH) servers to steal customer […]