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Last month many Internet users were suddenly forced to trade in Bitcoins. This was not for general purposes–they were paying to get their data back. Their systems had been hijacked by ransomware. Ransomware is a type of malware that infects a machine, locks data files or the entire system, and demands payment to free the […]

Retailers all over the world lose sleep over data breaches—and CSOs and IT security managers work hard to make sure that cyber thieves stay out of their endpoints and networks. They are layering on more anti-malware solutions, tighter defenses at email and web gateways, stronger next-generation firewalls, and more efficient intrusion prevention systems. But with […]

Targeted email attacks, often known as spear phishing, are one of the most prevalent threats to businesses today. The nature of these attacks makes them difficult to detect – many are sent to just to one or a handful of contacts in a chosen company. Even more so, the emails themselves are often so convincing […]

Among the mounds of information the 2014 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) provides us, a single figure tells the sad story when it comes to comparing between the time it takes to successfully breach a target and the time it takes to discover the compromise. Figure 13 of the report illustrates how long it […]

The resignation of a major retail CEO in the wake of the 2013 holiday data breaches is one of the most high-profile repercussions of a cybersecurity incident to date. While reasons unrelated to the data breaches have been cited for the departure, the fact remains that a cyber incident helped topple a long-time leader of […]