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In the middle of 2012 McAfee Labs observed the complex malware XDocCrypt infecting documents, Excel workbooks, and executable files. Recently we have seen a similar infection method that attacks PDF, MSI (Windows installer), and executables, though the current malware is not as complex as XDocCrypt. W32/PDFCrypt is not complex. The coding standards, propagation methods, stealth […]

This is part I in a series on proactive defense using a proven professional services security methodology When my credit card got declined at the gas station I remembered a term I’d recently read in an article about a large retailer’s data breach.  The term is “vulnerability-fatigue,” where news of a recent disaster is ignored […]

The holidays are busy, so we’ve done some headline curating that will help you enjoy the merriment and stay safe online. Here are just a few stories we consider to be hot reads that you may have missed. Read them, discuss them with your family, and agree to work together to become—and stay—savvy online. Here’s the […]

The job of a network administrator isn’t easy. Maintaining the software and hardware systems that comprise an enterprise’s network requires a deep understanding of the infrastructure and assets in the network as well as the data that is transmitted along the networks. This is especially true in government – where potentially sensitive data is transmitted […]

With data breaches occurring nearly every week and billions of dollars being lost to cybercrime annually, it is more critical than ever to secure your private networks and intranets. As traditional firewalls make way for next-generation firewalls (NGFWs), it’s clear that the network security tides have changed. With that in mind, we have compiled many […]