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Small businesses often lack IT resources, yet are plagued by the same security issues that large corporations face in today’s increasingly complex threat landscape. Threats do not discriminate against company size, and neither should security; all companies deserve access to industry-leading protection. As a part of our mission to make security available to all, we’re […]

I recently wrote a piece in Dark Reading around the notion that Endpoint security is not dead, but instead facing a steadily mounting series of obstacles with relation to the new universe of Internet-connected devices. While there are certainly more challenges to securing corporate networks today, claiming that enforcing Endpoint security policies is basically fighting […]

Every organization has deployed anti-virus/anti-malware solutions, but how much you have actually reduced your risk? To recap what we’ve covered in this 5-part blog series, Aberdeen’s analysis and Monte Carlo modeling: Confirms the high risk of unprotected endpoints Demonstrates that endpoint protection really does reduce risk Confirms that “free” endpoint protection (e.g., Microsoft) is better […]

If you’re just tuning in, this is the fourth in a series of blogs about understanding the risk of endpoint security, preceded by: Endpoint Security: The Risk of Going Unprotected Endpoint Security: Yes, Anti-Virus Really Does Reduce Risk Endpoint Security: Why “Free” A/V is Better Than Nothing By now, the approach to substantiate the statement […]

In the blog Endpoint Security: The Risk of Going Unprotected we established a baseline for the risk of unprotected endpoints, so we can now model the risk of protected endpoints. In other words, we can compare the “before” with the “after” – where “after” includes the implementation of an anti-virus / anti-malware solution. It should go […]