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I’m not trying to be a Debbie downer. Really, I’m not. However, sooner or later you will see, uncover—or be informed of—your child’s less-than-wise behavior online. How can I predict this with such certainty? The simple fact that your child is a newer human in possession of a mobile device, traveling with a pack of […]

If you could change one thing about yourself that would allow you to double your impact as a parent, what would that one thing be? Peering into the face of the New Year, I asked myself that question and came up with my own “fix it” list. Then I took a deep breath and asked […]

My New Year’s Resolutions are usually very predictable: lose weight, some (ideally regular) exercise and a total commitment to quit Diet Coke forever.  But what about digital resolutions?  Isn’t it time these had a place on our resolution list? As Cybermum, I am somewhat well-versed in what I should be doing to keep myself organised […]

With 2015 year in full swing, people are ready to begin a fresh start. But let’s not give cybercriminals a fresh start to to scam us. Being well aware of the feelings of bonhomie and genorosity that permeate the human spirit this time of the year, scamsters think up ingenuous and ever-changing strategies to get […]

No surprise, Chambers Dictionary has declared overshare as 2014’s word of the year. And rightly so since anyone and everyone shares personal details online that would have curled our toes back just ten years ago. The word, now officially a verb, means: to reveal an inappropriate amount of detail about one’s personal life. This latest […]