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With school back in full swing our house has transitioned almost instantly from long, fun summer days to tighter schedules, shiny new goals, and more abbreviated, almost code-like conversation. When life shifts into a busy season it’s easy to become more about the task and less about the consistent, verbal connection with your kids. Don’t let […]

What can you do to protect yourself? The recent celebrity photo hacking scandal that saw more than 100 female celebrities’ private nude images stolen and published on the internet is nothing short of a disgrace. The majority of the images belonged to Jennifer Lawrence but other victims included Krysten Ritter, Kate Upton, Rihanna, Kirsten Dunst […]

There’s a lot to be said for parents who draw immovable digital lines for their kids. Recently some moms made headlines doing just that then engineering the consequences when their kids stepped outside those lines. Here are just a few recent family tech and safety news headlines you need to know about. Bravo: ‘Ignore No More’ App […]

  It was 90° in Nashville and we were late. Sweat jumped off of us as we ran through the parking lot toward the arena gate. A roar rippled across the sky when 50,000+ screaming teenage girls jumped to their feet as the warm up band took the stage. “It’s the first song mom, c’mon! Run faster! We can’t […]

Messaging apps are the in thing today. Right from a collegian to the 40-something mother of two; from the local electrician trying to increase client base to the highly popular movie actor; everyone is part of some or the other ‘chat group’. Naturally then can children be far behind? They are the first infact to […]