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I recently wrote a piece in Dark Reading around the notion that Endpoint security is not dead, but instead facing a steadily mounting series of obstacles with relation to the new universe of Internet-connected devices. While there are certainly more challenges to securing corporate networks today, claiming that enforcing Endpoint security policies is basically fighting […]

Last week, an exciting move for the progress of the Internet of Things came into play when several major tech companies – Intel included – announced the Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC). What exactly does this mean? Well, with the introduction of the OIC, not only is it setting a precedent for how tech companies can […]

Let’s talk about networks. A network can imply a number of things: it can imply a group of friends, coworkers and teams. It can be used to reference a grouping of schools, businesses and universities. And it can also imply a connection uniting each of these elements with one another. Today, we call that connection—that […]

Weak or expensive: the old cryptosystem and techniques don’t scale to the IoT There are basically two models for authentication of Internet relationships, one is weak (shared key) and one is expensive (public key), and neither will address the full range of identity and access requirements in the IoT. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS […]

We’ve all had those late afternoon hunger pangs when it’s time to start fantasizing about going home and making dinner. Imagine if the watch you were wearing could actually find out what ingredients you had in stock, rather than leave the contents of your refrigerator up to memory or fate. Wearable technology is the next […]