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I’m gratified to see President Obama assign cybersecurity the priority it deserves in his State of the Union speech. The president announced a legislative push to increase information sharing between the government and cybersecurity companies, and to help law enforcement apprehend international cybercriminals. Yes, the hard work of writing laws remains ahead. But the president’s […]

Last week Rory Cellan-Jones, a reporter for the BBC, tried to explain in his CES2015 news article why we, all of us, should be interested in the progress of “Internet of Things” (IoT) for the home. Even our Intel President admitted it’s a hard topic to generally appreciate   I asked Intel’s President Renee James […]

In the Internet of Things (IoT), there are probably two new sorts of threat agents: “Chaotic actors” – people who don’t want money, information, attribution or really have specific goals, they just want to watch it burn. “Regulators” – yes, we mean “government” and potentially self-regulating industry bodies (like medical “colleges” or bar (legal) associations), The […]

The coming flood of threat-intelligence data from the Internet of Things and new classes of endpoints has organizations seriously evaluating their strategies. Some customers that I speak with are uncertain about the nature, value, and best usage of threat intelligence. The term can mean global threat intelligence (very general), industry threat intelligence (more relevant to […]

Now that organizations are more interested in connecting their operational infrastructure and leveraging IoT advancements to reduce costs and increase revenues, we’re seeing much more interest in cyber security in these OT or industrial controls environments.    And it’s a tough problem because protection strategies for connecting operation systems must not impact system performance or resiliency, […]