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Now that organizations are more interested in connecting their operational infrastructure and leveraging IoT advancements to reduce costs and increase revenues, we’re seeing much more interest in cyber security in these OT or industrial controls environments.    And it’s a tough problem because protection strategies for connecting operation systems must not impact system performance or resiliency, […]

Connected technology is changing everything from physical devices to web security. The idea that Americans have of a connected lifestyle is gradually becoming reality, and as a result, we’re seeing a spike in consumer concern toward security woes. The Internet of Things is something that fascinates me – not only will it change the types […]

If there’s one thing that remains consistent about technology, it is that it’s always in flux. From tablets to phablets, smart cars to smart TVs, our devices are getting increasingly “smarter” and entwined with our daily routines. To better understand the consumer perspective on these ever-evolving technology trends, we conducted a study of more than […]

I recently wrote a piece in Dark Reading around the notion that Endpoint security is not dead, but instead facing a steadily mounting series of obstacles with relation to the new universe of Internet-connected devices. While there are certainly more challenges to securing corporate networks today, claiming that enforcing Endpoint security policies is basically fighting […]

Last week, an exciting move for the progress of the Internet of Things came into play when several major tech companies – Intel included – announced the Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC). What exactly does this mean? Well, with the introduction of the OIC, not only is it setting a precedent for how tech companies can […]