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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman! Yes, this superhero might be the epitome of courage, justice, and strength, but he might also be the biggest threat to you online. We’ve entered a new age of superheroes. No longer are they just pictures in a comic book. They are now accessible on computers, game […]

Summertime is upon us…and that means sunshine and vacations. Most people love summertime, including scammers! Hackers can use this time to take advantage while we are planning vacations or on vacation or just enjoying fun in the sun. Here are some key scams to watch out for this summer: Family or Friend Requests Money You […]

Taking the cyberwar challenge seriously requires thinking outside our comfortable technology or national security boxes. Unfortunately—regardless of the lip service many decision makers pay to cybersecurity—this ability is a rare quality. What the world needs is strategic leadership in navigating the murky waters of cyberspace. The digital world, as well as the threats and opportunities […]

Deterrence is an important part of warfare, often the most effective form of defending. Therefore, in the next couple of years we expect to see states reveal some of their offensive cyber capabilities more openly than they are doing today. The goal of deterrence is to make our opponents abstain from attacking, yet if the […]

Weapons and the skills to use them are not the only decisive elements in warfare. Rhetoric and imagery are important, too. They are essential for constructing the good and the bad, legitimatizing one’s actions and influencing the events and the result of a conflict. The cyber era has only just begun to highlight the importance […]