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¿Le gustaría ofrecer a sus directivos una imagen cuantificada del riesgo de la ciberdelincuencia? Un nuevo estudio realizado por McAfee y el CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies) pone límites y aplica una detallada metodología a un tema muy propenso a la exageración. En un profundo análisis patrocinado por McAfee, se reúne una evaluación […]

On February 19, Microsoft released Security Advisory (2934088) for Microsoft Internet Explorer. This vulnerability was previously reported, by 3rd parties, during the 2nd week of February 2014. In-the-wild exploitation has been observed (at least) back to early January 2014. Specifically, the flaw is a use-after-free condition during Internet Explorer’s processing of specific CMarkup objects. We […]

Threats seem to be top of mind for the masses of late—with three large-scale attacks on major brands already this year, potentially compromising the financial data and identity of millions. And things don’t show signs of slowing down. Each year, security threats become more sophisticated and difficult to identify, with 2014 expected to be the […]

Last month, we released the McAfee Labs 2014 Threats Predictions Report, our annual look at the anticipated course of IT attacks over the coming year. Here’s what we expect to see in 2014: an increase in mobile attacks, ransomware fueled by the rise of virtual currency, politically motivated stealth attacks, as well as social attacks […]

“Why am I transferring this money? Oh, this is for the cocaine.” I can’t imagine ever using such a justification to a bank teller, but if I did reply like this I would almost immediately expect some sort of investigation. This and other remarkable reasons for transactions (such as for “ATM-skimming work”) by Liberty Reserve […]