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If middle school history taught us the adage, “Beware the Greeks bearing great gifts,” then today’s Internet-based culture might translate to “Beware the websites bearing great files.” Especially if you’re a Mac user with a Bitcoin wallet. The reason: researchers recently found a Trojan—a malicious program hidden inside a downloaded file—targeting Apple users who both […]

For many, the notion of a flying drone conjures an image of an unmanned airborne military surveillance machine, or a high-flying courier sent to deliver your latest Amazon purchase. As a developing technology, the threat of drones being used for cybercriminal sabotage (especially on civilians, such as you and I) seems distant—but it might not […]

Last week, Yahoo! announced on their blog that the email accounts for an unspecified number of users had been compromised by hackers. They also echoed a sentiment frequently found on this blog, that “security attacks are unfortunately becoming a more regular occurrence.” Below are some details about the latest Yahoo! cyber attack, as well as […]

I’ve said it for some time—the world today is becoming increasingly connected, both on-and-offline. Everything from our shopping to banking, social networking to photography, job-hunting to booking travel—you name it—is taking place online. But being online can put you at risk and open a wide door to your identity when exposed to the wrong cybercriminal […]

On Tuesday, Microsoft issued a security warning that has Office and Windows users buzzing with concern. According to Microsoft, a previously unknown vulnerability in certain versions of Office and Windows has left a wide hole open for cybercriminals. McAfee was able to detect the threat, and it quickly became clear that this was significant. So […]