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Hello Everyone, For April’s edition of Patch Tuesday, we are presenting the final patches for the beloved Windows XP. Those of you still running Windows XP systems in your environment are highly recommended to speak with your McAfee sales team about Application Control. Application Control can provide your EOL systems protection against an unpatched vulnerability. […]

On March 24, Microsoft released Security Advisory 2953095 for Microsoft Word. In-the-wild exploitation of this vulnerability has been observed across limited, targeted attacks. The flaw is a memory-corruption vulnerability that can be invoked when parsing specially crafted RTF files or data. Successful exploitation can give an attacker the ability to run arbitrary code (via remote […]

Welcome to the third Microsoft Patch Tuesday of 2014. As the snow slowly starts melting in the Northern Hemisphere, we come to our second to last update for Windows XP. This month, all five bulletins affect Windows XP. For those of you that still have Windows XP systems in your environment, I highly recommend you […]

On February 19, Microsoft released Security Advisory (2934088) for Microsoft Internet Explorer. This vulnerability was previously reported, by 3rd parties, during the 2nd week of February 2014. In-the-wild exploitation has been observed (at least) back to early January 2014. Specifically, the flaw is a use-after-free condition during Internet Explorer’s processing of specific CMarkup objects. We […]

Welcome to the second Microsoft Patch Tuesday of 2014. This month’s release has the unusual twist of two last minute critical patches that were just announced yesterday. This is the first time patches have been added at the last minute. Today, Microsoft has officially released 7 patches addressing 32 individual vulnerabilities. Continuing with today’s seven […]