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Love is a powerful feeling that can cause an individual to do things they wouldn’t normally do—sometimes in a way that could compromise personal security. As we found in the Love, Relationships & Technology study released earlier this year, nearly 50% of people have shared or received intimate or sexual text messages, emails or photos […]

By the end of 2014, there will be more than two billion smartphones and tablets in use across the world. That’s two billion more opportunities for hackers to get a hold of valuable user data. As mobile devices have progressed, so has cybercrime, especially when it comes to taking advantage of apps that we use […]

As we usher in yet another worldwide sporting event this month with the World Cup, it’s inevitable that scammers will piggyback on the myriad of opportunities at their fingertips to swipe, nab, and phish for spectators’ personal data. We’ve seen it happen a million times before and trending news has always been easy fodder for […]

I will admit there are certain things I’ve given up trying to change as the parent of a teen. Like trying to get between my kids and their phones the instant they need to text a friend, Google something, or download an app. I’ve given up buying them watches or alarm clocks for Christmas only […]

When you chat with someone through a third-party messaging app, be aware that someone may read it—someone other than your intended recipient. Much like a package left unattended on your doorstep, the risk of someone getting ahold of personal items or information is at an all time high. Online privacy is a premium, which is […]