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When I turned 25, I saw this as a pretty big milestone in my life.  At 25 years old, I felt like a true adult – I was now all grown up.  I was educated, employed, experienced and stable.   But when I look back, the journey from childhood to adulthood was really far from over […]

Spear phishing email is a major worry to any organization. Messages that appear legitimate and specific fool us more often than random phishing attempts. Exploits that use patched vulnerabilities delivered via spear phishing email are one of the most successful combinations used by attackers to infiltrate targeted organizations and gain access to confidential information. During […]

Hands down, McAfee beats the competition in an NSS Labs test What if you could deploy an intrusion prevention system (IPS) that has it all—robust protection, high performance, and low total cost of ownership (TCO)? Now you can. The 2014 NSS Labs report, Data Center IPS Comparative Analysis reveals that McAfee® Network Security Platform excels […]

It has been two weeks since the announcement by multiple global law enforcement agencies regarding the takedown of the communications infrastructure for the Trojans GameOver Zeus and Cryptolocker. Judging by the number of downloads for the McAfee Stinger utility, thousands of systems worldwide no longer provide money to Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev and his associates. However, […]

The discovery of the Heartbleed vulnerability earlier this year left many in the security community reeling. Since then, several OpenSSL vulnerabilities have been sensationalized as the “next Heartbleed.” What was once viewed as a beneficial open source project is now being viewed by some as a massive security liability capable of exposing large amounts of […]