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Qualifying new opportunities and moving a sale to the next level isn’t always easy, but our new Channel Sales Expert Training is built to help you learn how to do just that. Designed for advanced partner sales professionals, this course will give you the insight and approach you need to better sell McAfee Next Generation […]

Target. Neiman Marcus. These are just two of the very latest victims of today’s increasingly stealthy threats permeating our cyber world.  My post last month entitled, Stolen Data: Network Security Can Ensure You’re Not a Target, described the attacks that attempted to exfiltrate data from 110 million American consumers. Advanced persistent threats (APTs) were responsible […]

In my last post, I outlined the business case for converting to a next-generation firewall. Essentially, it’s about protecting valuable IT assets in the face of advanced malware with sophisticated evasion capabilities that make them much harder to detect, and much more dangerous given their ability to hold payloads with multiple, often persistent exploits. How […]

The demands placed on enterprise networks are greater than at any time in the past. Data analysis has transformed into big data analysis. Banks process millions of transactions per second. Cloud computing delivers Internet services to billions of customers around the world. These distributed, real-time, mission-critical enterprise operations are conducted every day with systems thousands […]

Security is such a fast moving industry. I’d like to highlight three important things that happened in the past couple of weeks while I was travelling across EMEA. First and foremost, McAfee announced that we had reached a major milestone in our acquisition of Stonesoft, an industry-recognized leader in next-generation firewalls, by completing the tender offer […]