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Horrible people do horrible things to get ahead in life. Case in point: scammers are deploying phishing attacks—emails and websites that trick users into giving up sensitive information—designed to take advantage of a humanitarian disaster. To make matters worse, this phishing attack is coupled with a secondary scam—fraudulent fundraising. Earlier this month, a group of […]

In the 1999 film, Office Space, an average-Joe employee discovers two of his friends are about to be fired as a cost-saving measure at an incredibly monotonous company. As revenge, the group implants a malicious program into the company’s accounting system in an ill-fated attempt to steal a miniscule amount of money. But, thanks to […]

Security researchers have discovered an unsettling flaw affecting users. The flaw allows hackers to gain access to a WordPress account by simply copying a line of code that’s transmitted over Wi-Fi networks and pasting it into their browser. Yes, stealing a WordPress account can be as simple as copying and pasting. WordPress, the most […]

I meet with an impressive set of customers on a weekly basis and I find those interactions educational, but also exciting. It gives me a better understanding of their pain points, perspective and helps me set our team’s strategy. One area that continues to baffle me is the lack of awareness around the advancements in […]

I love fishing. In my free time you’ll find me on the water, boating, skiing and deep-sea fishing with my family. One kind of fishing I’m not so crazy about? The kind with the “ph.” The most common phishing attacks start with one simple email. The email usually asks for confirmation of login, password or […]