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If I had asked you a decade ago how you’d feel about people knowing and tracking your everyday whereabouts, your response would have likely been that it’s an invasion of your privacy. Or, you would have at least been a bit wierded out. If I told you that trotting after your every move and handing […]

Every dog has its day, and for data privacy that day is January 28, 2015. What the average person may consider just another Wednesday is an important day for those of us in the cybersecurity community. Data Privacy Day is the perfect reminder of the need to educate and safeguard both businesses and consumers alike. And […]

Don’t expect privacy in 2025, but that’s okay because the refrigerator will be able to order milk automatically for us. That’s the general view of respondents of the recent Consumer 2025 Futurist study commissioned by McAfee and conducted by MSI Research. Respondents globally are unanimous regarding the connected appliances we expect to use, demonstrated in […]

Perception plays a huge role in many aspects of daily life. However, the reality of something is often not as powerful as the idea may have been—and advertisers as well as brands more often than not take full advantage of this fact. Privacy in the online world has become a precious, if not priceless, commodity, […]

Now that I have your attention on SHOE, please keep reading further for some helpful tips to protect your identity when buying and selling second-hand office equipment. Purchasing new IT equipment can be a significant investment, especially for small business owners with limited budgets. Many business owners look to eBay, Amazon Marketplace and Craigslist to […]