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With Valentine’s Day behind us, singles and couples alike undoubtedly expressed their love in a variety of real and digital ways. McAfee recently released the results of the 2014 Love, Relationships, and Technology study and found that people are more willing than ever to share intimate and racy content via their mobile devices. Worldwide, people […]

Sharing may be caring, but not everything you do or every picture you take should be posted on social media. McAfee’s 2014 Love, Relationships, and Technology study found that people are oversharing on a global-scale. Aside from sending/receiving intimate and sexual content, more than 38% of respondents admitted to sharing passwords, as well as sharing email […]

Beyonce sings about “if you like it you better put a ring on it” [her finger], but I find that slogan can work (with a slight change) for your personal information on your mobile phones and tablets. So I prefer the “if you like it you better put a PIN on it,” referring to having […]