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The third meeting of the International Standards Organization’s (ISO) Special Working Group (SWG) on (Internet of Things) recently took place in Chongqing, China.  The purpose of the SWG is essentially to assess what has been done to date related to IoT standards and provide guidance to ISO about the ISO so that the existing standards […]

Threats and vulnerabilities are a way of life for IT admins. With the continued rise of computer and network attacks, the threat of a critical attack is virtually constant. With complex software it is all but guaranteed that there will be vulnerabilities for attackers exploit. And the sheer volume of attack vectors for attackers to […]

One of PCI’s goals is to make sure data security is taken seriously and they are encouraging merchants to incorporate it into ‘business as usual’ practices.  Some of the areas where additional clarification was given are what I categorize as managing risk, vulnerabilities and changes.   PCI-DSS should not be a check the box, or ‘Simon […]

With information and video access at their fingertips most teens spend a crazy amount of time online looking for the latest gossip, hairstyles, and fashion trends surrounding celebrities. (Yes, it’s true: Internet searches for a certain “twerking” female singer outranked web searches for Syria last week six to one). That obsession with popular culture combined […]

At McAfee, we’re continuing our laser focus on endpoint security. Most recently, you heard from Simon Hunt, CTO for Endpoint Security that the new Endpoint Suites are “strong, fast, simple and 100% effective.” As part of our ongoing ‘Redefining Endpoint Security’ blog series, we caught up with Penny Baldwin,  CMO for McAfee, to learn her […]