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Cloud computing is a growing trend for organizations of all sizes, and many enterprises are adopting it — but what does this shift to the cloud mean for their security? While the appeal of cloud options is obvious in terms of efficiency and scalability, security issues have triggered some (much deserved) hesitancy among information security professionals. The challenges […]

As cybercrime continues to cause financial upset among both brands and individuals, it becomes increasingly critical to address the security measures necessary to suppress the impact it has on the global economy. In our September EMEA #SecChat, we discussed the state of global cybercrime and resulting economic damage. This discussion built on many of the […]

Targeted attacks can take on many different forms and are flexible enough to adopt a variety of tactics. Think of them as a specialized unit for cyber criminals. They are utilized for very specific missions and operate with the precision of a surgical strike, rather than the carpet-bombing techniques used in other attack strategies. Whether […]

The discovery of the Heartbleed vulnerability earlier this year left many in the security community reeling. Since then, several OpenSSL vulnerabilities have been sensationalized as the “next Heartbleed.” What was once viewed as a beneficial open source project is now being viewed by some as a massive security liability capable of exposing large amounts of […]

Do you know the difference between an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) and an Advanced Evasion Technique (AET)? If not, you are not alone. According to a recent Vanson Bourne survey (commissioned by McAfee) of 800 CIOs and security mangers, many security professionals are unable to correctly define “AET” while many thought they were protected from […]