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Mike here – Exciting news today at the Apple event! I can’t wait to upgrade to the iPad Air 2 and take slow-mo videos at the next Phish concert. I’m also loving the front-facing ‘selfie’ camera, retina HD displays, and the extra screen space on my new iPhone 6. However, what I’m most excited about is that Apple Pay, powered […]

Don’t expect privacy in 2025, but that’s okay because the refrigerator will be able to order milk automatically for us. That’s the general view of respondents of the recent Consumer 2025 Futurist study commissioned by McAfee and conducted by MSI Research. Respondents globally are unanimous regarding the connected appliances we expect to use, demonstrated in […]

Mike here – I’ve got some great news to share. To start, this is my very first blog post! From here on out, I plan on sending one out every few weeks to fill you in on all things tech, security, and McAfee. I have to admit, I’m fascinated with social media—it really has changed […]

Last week was the 25th anniversary of the firewall, marking an impressive milestone for a technology that continues to grow and evolve. To celebrate the ‘lifetime’ of the firewall, we at McAfee produced a comprehensive infographic highlighting the milestones that our favorite invisible wall has seen over the past 25 years. The reason I mention […]

Cyber security has become a huge concern for businesses today, with valuable customer and corporate data accessible to determined individuals through a variety of avenues. Today, there are numerous digital and physical security risks posed by users who do not properly erase data before disposing of commonly used office equipment and devices. In order to […]