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There are rules and then there are rules for kids. A set of rules for school, another defined set at games, and a complete set of unwritten rules at home. But there is one field that our kids traverse almost daily, spending hours there at their own free will, mostly unsupervised—the cyber world. Yet few […]

The summer months usher in longer days, more sunshine, and sometimes a decline in creativity – often causing a lack of creative energy. It’s only natural that this abundance of longer, sunnier days causes a yearning to be outside engaging in those quintessential summer activities as opposed to cooped up in an office. For marketers, […]

Over the years, a completely new set of terms, definitions, phrases, abbreviations and descriptions have invaded our vocabulary, thanks to gennext. It has happened slowly but steadily, and most of us are not even aware exactly when we learnt their usage and they became a part of our social media world. Datz ryte,U gssd it […]

The loss of a beloved family member can be so hard.  The pain and heartache feels relentless.  In years gone past, families were often able to physically rally around each other and provide the support so needed.  However in our crazy modern age where global citizenship, time poverty and a more fluid family structure prevails, […]

Today’s job market is a foreign landscape when compared with what it was when I graduated college from San Francisco State University. At that time, applying for entry-level job positions was about a strong resume and cover letter as opposed to what came up when someone searched your name on the Internet. As thousands of […]