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In order to prepare for a big game, athletes train like crazy. For marketers, it’s no different – boosting share of voice or setting record site visits require the same kind of attention and preparation that it takes for athletes to increase their time in the 100M dash. That said, I have some tips for […]

Following the announcement of the 2014 Most Dangerous Celebrities™ earlier this month, our senses have been heightened to scams on the web involving Hollywood’s most famous. Well, it seems our fascination with lifestyles of the rich and famous have led us to yet another attack utilizing well-known celebs to spread malicious software (referred to as […]

The role of the CMO has changed. Social media, mobile devices, and the demand for creative “on-the-go” content are all top of mind initiatives for today’s marketers. The future of marketing is constantly churning, and the industry is no longer in a shift toward digital – it is fully converted. As my role at McAfee […]

Mike here – I’ve got some great news to share. To start, this is my very first blog post! From here on out, I plan on sending one out every few weeks to fill you in on all things tech, security, and McAfee. I have to admit, I’m fascinated with social media—it really has changed […]

There are rules and then there are rules for kids. A set of rules for school, another defined set at games, and a complete set of unwritten rules at home. But there is one field that our kids traverse almost daily, spending hours there at their own free will, mostly unsupervised—the cyber world. Yet few […]