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Hashtags have become a normal part of everyday vernacular thanks to social media. By simply putting a pound (#) sign in front of a word like #OverIt or acronym, such as #tbt (throw back Thursday) social network users especially on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and now Facebook, can easily join a specific conversation on that […]

Congratulations, parent. You are doing great. You’ve managed to bob and weave with every new app, gadget, and social network that sprouted up this year. You monitored phones, scrutinized online friends and followers, and helped your child navigate a few online storms. You are a pioneer; a trailblazer. Parenting kids even three years ago did […]

Disclaimer: If you are in blissful denial that your tech use is out of control at any level, then this article will make you uncomfortable. It may even make you mad. You may want to skip this post and go play Candy Crush instead. Professionals say the first step to dealing with, and overcoming any […]

I will admit there are certain things I’ve given up trying to change as the parent of a teen. Like trying to get between my kids and their phones the instant they need to text a friend, Google something, or download an app. I’ve given up buying them watches or alarm clocks for Christmas only […]

TweetDeck, a social media dashboard app owned by Twitter, was briefly taken offline Wednesday morning following a cyber attack. Thankfully, it doesn’t appear that any user data was stolen, but many users did have their Twitter accounts temporarily hijacked, resulting in tweets sent against their will. The issue has since been resolved, but remains troubling, […]